​​Hello from the US.

I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into my family tree. The Lamiroy branch was impossible task for me due to the barriers beyond my control. Only an expert of your qualities could accomplish what you did. From the bottom of my heart it was a thrill to  see it grow. We as enthusiasts of our past ancestors, are grateful for people with your love of those ancestors and the compassion to share. I wish you continued health and happiness in your life and mission. I hope we can continue to stay in touch, share a hint or two and be thankful we crossed paths way beyond the first connection.

Jeanne Wagner.

I recently came in contact with Werner Vols when I had a question for him.  The next morning, when I got up, I had a full two pages of names on my computer and they were all my relations.  They weren't about the question I asked.  I was floored.  I had no idea who he was then but I do now.  I never thought I could go back farther than 1800 in my tree on this family and with his help I was back to 1400.  If you need help with your family research he is the go to guy.  Yes he  did answer my question. I am amazed at what you accomplished in so short a time. 

You sent me so much information I had to start looking up about the sizes of our 2 countries and who you were surrounded by.  We have pretty limited access to information, due to the size of our country and the newness.  Your country is 11,786 square miles and Washington state is 71,362 square miles. The USA is 3.80 million square miles.   My ancestors all come from the east coast and I am on the west coast.  So, you in Europe have some advantages over us in that regard.  You may have better access to records on your computer also.  I don't know just my mind churning around

Rita Salee

Dear Werner,
Greetings from Iowa! 

I am writing to thank you for the amazing work you did on my genealogy!  When I asked you to do the research I had no idea how extensive your research would be.  The searchable format makes finding people within the document very easy.  I am also grateful that you included the citations.  I enjoy membership in lineage societies so knowing where the information comes from is key! Your work is a book in itself  

With a grateful heart!

Kristine Bartley

I want to thank you for all the work you put into my family tree!   Questions and stories that have been circulating within the family have now been answered after all these years!  Little did I know when I reached out to you that you were an expert and a consultant in the genealogy field.   I was expecting just a few answers that I already had but you came up with so much more and the documents to prove the facts.  Our mystery is now solved!  Not only did I gain the information but a new cousin in the process.  I know now why your name kept popping up in so many of my hints!  

 I highly recommend your work to anyone who is interested in their past ancestors.  Your passion for the subject and your abilities in the field prove your love for your work!  I am grateful for your assistance!!   Thank you so much!!

Joleen Facile

Where to start finding your roots in Europe and Belgium

I met Werner on Ancestry.com and he kindly offered to translate a couple of documents for me from Flemish to English. He was really fast and sent them the next day. He was also able to add a couple of generations to my great great grandmother's line which I thought could not be done. I will definitely hire Werner in the future. It's clear that he knows what he is doing and has passion for it. He is a professional. We are also distantly related! 

-Andrew Thiels

Werner Vols is instrumental in helping me with my family ancestry. 
He researches extensively to connect people and answers all my questions.
As he is researching, Werner stays connected to let you know his progress.
 Since all the papers and documents Werner researches are in French or Flemish
 (which I do not know), Werner translates all information into English
 which is extremely helpful and important. 

Cecilia Curran

Hello from Iowa,

I’d recommend my cousin, Werner Vols, who does geneology consulting. With only a few dates on a piece of paper, he was able to trace Terry’s family lineage back to the 16th century & discover that his direct descendents built this amazing ‘castle’ in Ireland - Adare Manor (now a 5 star hotel www.adaremanor.com

 If it weren’t for Werner, Terry would have never discovered he was part of the Earls of Dunraven and also be welcomed back ‘to the family home’ this past summer! We are forever grateful to Werner for helping Terry find some of his long lost family! 

Fam Hagen


I cannot thank you enough for the research and information that you were able to provide about my family tree.   I had little information regarding my maternal grandfather's lineage since both his parents had died when he was very young.   Not only did you find my great grandmother but many more generations.  I would never been able to find my Belgium roots otherwise.   Thank you for translating the various documents and explaining the reasons for the different spellings (Latin/French) of the given names.   You brought to life my long lost Berckmoes family and I see a trip to Bassevelde in my future.

Many thanks and appreciation

Kim Stetson

Werner Vols has helped us with research on our family ancestry. He was also very helpful on finding information on a Canadian family member who fought and was killed in World War I at the battle of Passchendaele The information he found on this was quite detailed and intriguing. We found him to be very responsive always going into detail with any information he could acquire. Contact and communication throughout was excellent and we would use him again in the future without hesitation.

Deborah and Geoff Cooney.