Where to start finding your roots in Europe and Belgium


My interests,

First of all, genealogy that brought me in contact with my ancestors close and far from home.

The first pieces of evidence where my roots where:  


My family situated in the Bruges area around the years 1600 -1780. They were tailors, cloth makers and weavers an occupation common to that period and area.

The research in that period when there was no computer and everything had to be searched manually, in the past 15 years many things have changed for the better, by volunteers.

In the early 1900,  2 brothers Vols moved to the US and Canada. There I found my lost family. Contact was made again with my family emigrants. descendants. And the search started again in those two countries.  A whole new world opened for me to research. It took me almost 8 years to digitize everything what was written on paper. So now my family tree took a shape to view. 

And yes, after all these years, having proof I could make a connection to some old Belgian Royal nobility, this was confirmed also.

Even unto our present King Philip, and following to several Nobel houses of Europe. This took quite 15 years of my life researching.

Also helping many friends and family in their quest. And with thanks towards many genealogy friends.


I ‘m a wheelchair user for 40 years now.
So, people with a disability are close to my heart.

The past 20 years I’m also involved in several organizations to protect the rights of people with a disability.
All adaptions to the house and car, benefits, buddy working, volunteers, you name it.

This even on the highest levels, through the government and into laws.

The past 20 years’ things have evolved for everyone with a disability for the better.
It still can be better that's why we are still striving for better access to every public buildings, public transport.

Being speaker at conventions is always a good boost in the right direction.

When started doing this I like to be the voice of people that cannot speak. 

This is dear to me and I will fight till my last breath.

That these people don’t get a cold shower when they encounter a disability.


I also had about 14 years the pen in hand and wrote two books of poetry 

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Here and here 

Two books about life like every day….