Major sources

Where to start finding your roots in Europe and Belgium

I cannot work miracles, even in my own tree my 9th GG is a dead end why, well there are no records more available in Bruges before 1600 those where destroyed.

Even more recent documents 17th - 20th century are no longer available through war and fire. Like in many city’s during the centuries gone past.

And not everyone's family tree goes that far. Some might stop in 1800

I like to work with original documents that I can have access to birth, baptism, marriage, death certificates, in English, Flemish, French, Latin, these are no problem.
Here you have a foundation to support your tree with.

Mostly I start with own documents of the people their father, grandfather, and sometimes Great-grandfather.

The law on privacy in Belgium says that people younger than 100 years their information is not visible or accessible. So, I cannot go further on these records. 

Otherwise it is hard to believe what is true. 

Also, not every year is still available, these where all scanned in by volunteers over the last 15 years.

At least here in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the US one can go by the census records and state or town archives, military, find a grave etc… 

So, if you like to dig in the past and would have a helping hand with your family tree.

Naturally with your own started family tree and family info.

Just let me know.